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    Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
    9:24 pm
    I went mattress shopping today
    I hate car shopping. Bad suits, manipulative staff, bending the truth in any way possible to seperate you from your cash. All the while drsperately trying to oversell their product. Walking into a mattress shop is the same feeling just with a bit less haggling. So many pricing games and deals that end that day. If they hide the price I immediately do not trust them.

    I finally gave up and bought one online.
    Monday, May 18th, 2015
    6:11 am
    Lego Mini Festival Redux

    Normally Lego holds a Lego Kidsfest in Hartford every two years.  I get tickets to the show as birthday presents for a former apprentices kids Rocky and Dots.  Alas this year it was not to be, the show is not in Hartford.  Instead Jacqui suggested that we hold a small gathering at my place...

    Well it grew...  We eventually had twelve kids show up and play with Legos.  Some of the challenges were quite fun...

    Every child was given the same small lego builder kit.  The kits were opened and put in quart bags that were then sealed.  Then I told them that they had to build the kits without opeing the bag... The looks of terror and frustration were rampant.  Most of them got a start but some of the small piecces were too much for most of them.  In the end all but one of Albreda's daughters  opened the bags.  She however succeeded!

    There was a relay race where I distributed for identical creative build sets and a creation from a fifth that the kids were told to relicate on brick at a time relay race style.  This had some problems...  One little girl ran diagonally across comming back with legos from another team.   Another team had multiple runners  going at one time.  Another had a team member run over and forget what block they were supposed to get  and just sit there in frustration.  A member of the other team was tagged off by mistake...  All three teams built succcessfully though.

    We also built bridges that were tested to destruction, by putting heavier and heavier weights on them.  We evetually had full two liter bottles of soda perched on top. Most of them survived!

    There was a tower build, where the test was a combination of height and to place the tower in front of a fan on high to see if it was stable.  Both towers withstood the gale although the shorter one did lean a bit...

    We also had bubble wands, nerf pistols, a large yard to romp in  and a bbq.

    It seems to have been a success.

    Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
    12:35 am
    Spring in New England

    This is the mature magnolia just outside the dining room.  The fence is five feet tall...

    It is lovely but is already losing petals.  They last so short a time...  The leaves on the other hand come in luscious and thick and it becomes a wonderful climbing spot with nooks to read in and dappled sunlight throughout.
    Friday, April 10th, 2015
    8:07 pm
    The joy of the discharge
    So, since it was not my heart and thus hopefully would not kill me immediately, the cardiac ward discharged me to go home. Still worried and have lots of tests in my future but the chest pains are not suddenly going to cause a heart attack.

    Sean had arrived with my go bag. But on Friday when they checked me in, my shoes, wallet, carkeys and long pants went in a plastic bag that was still in the car.

    So there I was dressed in khaki shorts, a longsleeve shirt, black socks and fuzzy slippers. The height of fashion, but my shorts kept falling down.

    A two meter mini usb cable works well as a belt with a bow tied in the front... Two geeks noticed on the way out and smiled...
    6:03 pm
    Good news, Weird news
    So after performing the cat scan with imaging chemicals, it took them eight hours to tell me that they found nothing. I had not eaten for nineteen hours at that point and all I had the day before was a small sandwich and a muffin...

    No blockages, no clots and no damage. All great news.

    They however cannot tell me why I have an odd heartbeat, chest pain that responds to nitro and elevated blood pressure. The weird news...

    They are setting up a followup visit with the cardiologist
    8:39 am
    Nitroglycerin headache bonus
    Nitro gives you an instant massive headache. An unexpected bonus is it completely masks the caffeine withdrawl symptoms.

    I have been off since last friday...
    Sunday, April 5th, 2015
    3:59 pm
    Discharged at last
    The lab tech came in early an had me injected and imaged at 8:30 to 9.

    The cardiologist was in and had found no problems by 11.

    At 1:30 after multiple messages from my nurse the Doctor on call finally took a look at my file to realize the cardiologist had actually already signed off...

    I was out by 2.
    Saturday, April 4th, 2015
    11:38 am
    Premature Ventricular Contractions
    So this weekend I was supposed to be painting trim and hanging a 3D frieze... some chest pain and a racing oddly beating heart on Thursday worried me. But laying down seemed to help... Until I got up on Friday...

    The good news is I live less than a block from the hospital. Several nitroglycerine pills calmed things and I was scheduled for a stress test and chest images today. That went fine but they also want a resting set tomorrow.

    So another night in the hospital. I finished one book and am about to start on another...

    I was supposed to be baking.... As it is I may or may not make Easter tomorrow. Restrictions if and and release time will tell.
    Thursday, March 26th, 2015
    7:41 pm
    Kathleen/Sisuile has made it here safely from St Louis
    The rest of her stuff will be arriving over Easter, depending on U-Haul.
    7:39 pm
    Now that is interesting policing...
    So on the way home on Tuesday, I am going up 84N when I see flashing lights ahead of me. As I get closer traffic slows and it is evident there are multiple cruisers. As I get still closer I notice that there is a car askew in the center lane, a cop car in the left lane and a cop car in the right lane blocking all three lanes of traffic. One cop has a suspect draped over the hood and another is standing back watching and in the usual they can draw in an instant pose.

    Cars are slowly going around them in the breakdown lanes...

    Bothersome, annoying, but hey, it is Connecticut. There were no bodies...
    Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
    3:35 pm
    The Birds
    I have three bird feeders and four suet cakes hanging under the porch roof. Every morning when I walk out of the house there is a lovely cacophony of birdsong.

    So far no blubirds but the woodpeckers just showed up a week ago.
    Tuesday, March 17th, 2015
    12:13 am
    LED lightbulb sale
    The Connecticut Home Depots are offering 40 and 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs for 97 cents each, with up to 20 per run past the checkout counter.

    I bought a few...
    Thursday, March 12th, 2015
    2:50 pm
    Terry Pratchett
    Somewhere Death is helping Terry Pratchett up onto Binky's back and giving him a tour of the Discworld.

    Goodbye we will sorely miss you.
    Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
    7:17 am
    A study in the human response to extreme audio stimulation during waste elimination
    So, I am standing the the bathroom when the falling rain loosened an entire sheet of snow and ice on my very steep roof. One house sized sheet slid down impacting and loosening another and both funneled down the V of the roof, raining down on top of the bathroom with a massive pounding and grinding noise. It was a bit like standing directly beneath a long car crash.

    My flow stopped.

    The Roaring continued.
    Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
    10:03 pm
    Isle du Dragon Dormant Baronial investiture
    I picked up Edith and headed back to the house to finish the machine sewing on the natural/white tunic for use in the planned knighting. The Red tunic was already done except for hand work.

    Once finished we hopped in the car and drove until we hit St Albans. Looking for a restaurant we were heading down a dark are when I suddenly spot a grille height berm in front of us. The lane we were in suddenly became a right turn only towards the highway with no notice and the berm was just to the right of center. I reacted and jinxed left putting my right wheel up on the edge of the berm but avoiding an impact. I ran forward in the breakdown lane and prepared to stop or pull over when the car behind me put on the blue and white lights.

    Sure enough it was a state trooper. Once he was certain we were just clueless visitors who had not seen the darkened berm he got friendlier and asked us what we were doing. When we told him we were looking for a restaurant he turned us around and suggested what was a fabulous Thai restaurant. Edith's honey duck was amazing. My masaman beef was good, but hers was an amazing winner.

    After that we drove to Jeanne's place and kept sewing by hand to finish the tunics. I finally finished around 3 and dropped.

    The event was wonderful! Jeanne and her fellow Baroness had both worked with the same bolts of cloth to make the same style outfit only one used the front and the other the back of a shot fabric. It looked similar but different. I had the honor of bearing Jeanne's banner into court and then scurried off to a seat.

    Now the other high point of first court was a surprise knighting of one of Thorson's squires. Thorson had convinced him he was at Pax and supported that with facebook posts. He was lurking in the soon to be vigil room when he heard his squire and his squire's friends on the other side of the wall decide to send Thorson a photo. With a large glass window and horizontal blinds being all that seperated them he waited till he heard "Smile" and pulled open the blinds and grinned in the opening, photobombing the picture being sent to himself. Later when he popped out as the knights were called in the look on his squire's face was priceless.

    Dinner was lovely and afterwards we headed back and all collapsed. The next morning we woke up to discover it was daylight savings and suddenly had to prepare breakfast for thirty an hour sooner than planned. I made the gingerbread molasses waffles that are so wonderful and seemed to go over well.

    Odd fact: I mentioned a medieval reenactment group to both the Canadian and US customs guard. They seemed to understand, or were so confused it stopped the line of questioning both times.

    Despite some snow, the ride home through Boston was uneventful. I do however seem to have picked up a touch of bronchitis...
    Monday, March 2nd, 2015
    7:29 am
    Hosting a friend's party
    A friend of mine, Kasey, wanted to host a candle party as a fundraiser for a friend of hers, but space at her place is at a premium. She spends a lot of mine though, some weeks she and her German Shepherd Kacey almost live here, and asked if I minded if she set up here.

    Now Sean and I have been plastering and sanding the livingroom so it was a bit of a race to see if we could be done it time, but we are just ready to apply primer, the walls have been vacuumed and the last of the plastic folded back.

    A few chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate chip cookies (they were specifically requested by Kasey's friends who often get a care package when she visits...) and some hot chocolate were set out and I set off to help distract the kids with Kasey's Boyfriend Drew and one of the dads. The front look and the mamasan chair served to tire them out, and then we moved up to the pillow pile. There was a loop going where they climbed up onto the bed and leapt out onto the pillow pile. They kept that up for at least an hour.

    I sent home many tupperware packages of cookies, I have a whole container more and cleaned up quickly afterwards. Tonight I work on a pair of tunics, but tomorrow I should start on the primer.
    Saturday, February 21st, 2015
    6:43 am
    Is drinking the bowl of raita an admission of defeat?
    As neither my housemate Sean or I really felt like cooking and we have been making good progress on the living room sanding we instead went out to the local Indian restaurant for dinner. Utsav is a rather nice local place that has a very good buffet.

    We both ordered "medium" dishes. About halfway through his dish Sean who is a bit of a spice fanatic finally says "This is medium?". We both agreed that next time we were ordering mild... Very tasty, it just had a strong burn too it.
    Monday, February 16th, 2015
    7:19 am
    When your mustache freezes...

    So snowblowing the driveway yesterday involved a lot of blowing light snow in very cold conditions. After a while I noticed the edges of my mustache hurt a little. The hairs were being tugged in odd ways. Sure enough the snow had managed to form small icicles...

    Current Mood: chilly
    Saturday, February 7th, 2015
    8:37 pm
    I built my house a houka...
    So in preparation for sanding, I really wanted to keep dust to a minimum. So I grabbed some pieces of standard plumbing materials and made my house a water pipe. The sander plugs into one opening, the outlet of which is under water. The vacuum connects to the opening above the water. Any dust you create gets sucked down into the water where it remains.

    Water pipe

    It worked amazingly well for about 5 minutes...

    failed bucket l
    Then I heard this remarkable crack as the bucket deformed and cracked...

    Tomorrow it is off to look for sturdier buckets... or maybe two... or even three... I will make this work.
    Sunday, February 1st, 2015
    10:06 pm
    So I have been making curtains for a friend...
    She was planning a home birth in a warm tub on the sun porch of their house, the only problem is the room needed curtains to provide privacy, add some insulation and dampen some of the screams. The baby was due in three weeks so it was a leisurely paced project

    I finished the curtains Friday night. I had been thinking that I might delay till Saturday afternoon and install them on Sunday, but instead decided to press on and sew later Fri night.

    Saturday morning I received a text message, her water had broken in the middle of the night. The curtains went into the car, I surfed the net to find that Sears was running a sale on hardware and off to Sears I went.

    The old curtain rods were falling apart, and covered by a wooden valances that had fluorescent lighting hard wired on top of them with armored romex snaking into the brick walls. It was not coming down easily, but we managed to finally remove the old hardware without removing the valance and hang the new hardware and curtains about the time the sunroom reached a reasonable temperature. I played with her kids for a brief while keeping her company while her husband went shopping for led bulbs that would not blow the circuit breaker when run along with the heaters. I left and cleared the driveway as they started filling the tub and the midwives were en route.

    All went well.

    Boy am I glad I decided to finish the curtains the night before...
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